My name is Lucas Oliveira and I have +8 years of experience with software development.

Most of my work is done with Ruby and I don’t have too much work experience with Elixir, React and Kubernetes.

I will learn more about it and write my path here, because I learned that teaching is the best way to learn something.

“Always pass on what you have learned.” – Yoda

Why elixir, ruby, react.js and kubernetes?

Because I think it’s the future. At least, my future.

Elixir is scalable and maintainable, ruby is very madure and makes me happy when coding, react.js + redux are very powerfull to create awesome front-end applications and kubernetes is surprisingly impressive and makes it easy to deploy scalable applications.

Feel free to ping me on twitter (@lucasprag) if you want to talk about those technologies.

Thank you.